Cornerstone plans to integrate Clustree’s skills technology into its People Development solution over the next year.

Customer service has always been a big part of the buying decision when it comes to HR software. But new research found that vendors are falling behind.

Researchers at the University of Tulsa are digging into whether surfing kitty and puppy pictures can boost an employee’s performance. Here's what they hope to uncover.

Before we can predict what will happen in 2020, we have to consider what did occur during 2019. So instead of pulling out our crystal ball, let's look back at how HCM technology’s landscape changed over the last 12 months.

ADP's vision of “smart and personalized” HCM technology hints that the 70-year-old behemoth may be more nimble than you think.

November 22, 2019

Ceridian’s Busy Quarter

Ceridian CEO David Ossip believes the company can expand into 20 countries within the next three years, using recent moves in Australia as a model.

Cornerstone OnDemand announced a deal with Facebook’s Oculus to incorporate virtual reality into its LMS.

Everybody’s worried about the skills gap—employers and employees both. But if they’re going to close it up, they’re taking their time about it.

Why are digital recruiting firms introducing services to organize and promote in-person events? Because there's still money in it. 

When business conditions get tough, which do you think executives will care more about -- experience or efficiency? We're willing to bet...

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